The CORRUPT Thin Blue Line

To: Bill Buley, Editor-in-Chief, The Garden Island
Bernard Carvalho, Kaua’i County Mayor
Darryl Perry, KPD Chief
Lt. James Miller, KPD Internal Affairs

About a year ago, I emailed a series of warnings to KPD and Kaua’i County leaders. I had a number of unfortunate encounters with KPD officers. Initially, they refused to assist when I tried to clear drug dealers from our residential compound. Officers told me, “boys will be boys.” As I worked harder to get authorities to take action, the thugs learned of my efforts and turned on me. The incompetence of KPD emboldened them. I filed three complaints with KPD Internal Affairs. The department still refuses to answer my concern filed December 2014.

Attempting to get my matter reviewed, I warned Chief Perry his silence represented corruption. He is covering up BAD cops in the department. Americans are monumentally frustrated with police across our nation. Law enforcement forms a Thin Blue Line. Citizens are urged to TRUST the uniform. Thus, when just ONE officer is corrupt, and when departments cover up their corruption, Americans lose faith in the entire Line. We begin to FEAR the Thin Blue Line. Its appears two Black Americans were “assassinated” by police this week. As a result, a sniper opened fire in Dallas and murdered many GOOD officers. I warned Chief Perry his failure of leadership would lead to more violence. I told him “blood would be on his hands.” Over and over and over, we see examples of BAD cops … yet nothing changes. Only good cops can weed out bad ones. The public is not allowed to provide oversight. KPD Internal Affairs and Chief Perry are failing the Thin Blue Line across America.

About 20 years ago this month, my wife and I were living in Albuquerque, NM. We rented an apartment in a seedy area around the university we were attending. Due to the 4th of July holiday, we were accustomed to pops and loud bangs of fireworks. A series of bangs caught my attention. I told my wife, “That wasn’t fireworks. Those were gun shots.” I ran outside to investigate. My wife followed with our “cordless” phone. We didn’t have cell phones back then.

The sounds led me across the street to watch a young Black man stumble out a side door of a neighboring home. He fell down 3-4 stairs, landed on his face with his head on the ground. I rushed to him. He had a gun shot wound in his upper back; another lower near his spine. He was bleeding badly. I cradled him, pulled off my shirt to use as a compress and applied first aid. He was slipping in and out of consciousness. When I could, I urged him not to move. The wound near his spine was concerning, but he told me he was in great pain.

I held the man until paramedics and police arrived. Another man had been in the house. He was flushing something down the sink — illegal drugs. This is the violence of drug crime. The first police officer to interview with me was “official looking.” I learned later he was Albuquerque’s Chief of Police. He helped wipe the blood off my arms. He praised my courage and action. Over the next few years, I worked closely with Albuquerque Police, courts and corrections, probation and parole. As a university researcher, I wrote a series of reports about the criminal justice system in New Mexico. When Gary Johnson became governor in 1998, he used my research as the basis for his policies to reform our drug laws. He was the first governor in the nation to call for marijuana legalization.

This was a time of Community Policing where citizens worked together with law enforcement to take control over thugs on our streets. Funding soon dried up for these programs. Governor Johnson was ridiculed for his “extreme views.” Darren White, the governor’s director of Public Safety, resigned in protest. (Ironically, White now serves on the board of a Medical Marijuana company.) Public money was funneled to bigger, badder weapons for the police. Community Policing evolved into Tactical Response. Police today are similar to our national troops in war zones. Police are scared of the people; people are scared of the police. Fear runs rampant through our communities.

Americans have LOST FAITH in their leaders and institutions. This is reflected by those on both the Right (Trump supporters) and Left (Berniecrats). As a result of FAILED LEADERSHIP in this country, Americans do not LIKE each other; Americans do not TRUST each other; Americans FEAR each other. The blood of brave officers and innocent civilians is now the Currency of Corruption.

A STORM IS COMING … you have been warned.

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J David Carey, MD Left Me With Cancer

I have skin cancer. I put my trust in J David Carey, MD, and his High Desert Dermatology clinic located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My request was simple: please remove the small (8.0mm) Squamous Cell Carcinoma from the back of my right hand. Dr. Carey’s team failed to do this. Although they charged me over $680.00 for CPT 17271: Destruction of the malignant lesion and related services, they intentionally did not “go deep enough” to remove all the suspected carcinogenic tissue. They promised to notify me of results within two weeks. They lost my records and failed to contact us until more than six weeks had passed. In a panic, they urged my return.


A couple days later, I received an invoice for services – the clinic had failed to notify me that my insurer had declined payment over a month earlier. Upon review with my insurance reps, I learned they required a referral from my primary care doctor. To do this, I needed to speak with Dr. Carey. The clinic refused my wife and my multiple requests to meet with the doctor. When I tried to reach their billing agent, I found she did not take phone calls. When I tried to email her, I discovered their email system did not work properly.

I no longer trust J David Carey and his clinic. While searching for another provider, I learned Dr. Carey had worked for Albuquerque Dermatology Associates. The rumor is they asked Dr. Carey to leave the practice for “sloppy, unprofessional behavior.” I definitely found Dr. Carey’s clinic to be sloppy and unprofessional. I still have skin cancer.

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Chronic Pain Patients Prefer Marijuana To Opiate Painkillers

A study of patients with chronic pain has demonstrated, yet again, that for many people, cannabis is a more than feasible alternative to opioid pain medication like OxyContin and Vicodin.

The new study, published this month in The Journal of Pain, conducted a retrospective survey of 244 chronic pain patients—all of whom were qualified medical cannabis patients under Michigan law.


BigPhRMA v. Nature: Which is Better For You?

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor researchers found that among patients with chronic pain who have access to legal cannabis, cannabis use was associated with a significant decrease in opioid use, an increased quality of life, and fewer side effects and medications used.

“This study suggests that many chronic pain patients are essentially substituting medical cannabis for opioids and other medications for chronic pain treatment, and finding the benefit and side effect profile of cannabis to be greater than these other classes of medications,” the study authors concluded.


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Prince: America’s Latest Opioid Death

The music world and fans around the planet were devastated Thursday, April 21st, to hear Prince had died. The sexy, erotic singer was 57. Prince was a quiet, reserved man — a hero actually. Since his death, the world has learned much about his generosity and compassion. The world is also waking up to the fact Prince suffered addiction to opioid pain medications. This is what killed the amazing artist.


Prince Rogers Nelson: June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016


New reports suggest Prince was taking high levels of the painkiller Percocet, which is believed to have led to him overdosing on his private jet five days before he died. The Star-Tribune reported Prince was given a shot of the opioid antidote Narcan by first responders on the tarmac. Prince’s sister Lorna Nelson and brother Duane Nelson reported Prince not only abused the painkiller Percocet, but cocaine as well. [1]

“Doctor D” claims Prince would spend up to $40,000 on six month supplies of highly addictive Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches.

“Doctor D” claims he first met Prince in 1984 while he was filming the movie Purple Rain and he was already majorly addicted to opiates.

“Doctor D” claims Prince needed anti-anxiety drugs because he was so nervous — he could be nervous in a room with just five people in it. [2]

Benzodiazepines are the most common class of anti-anxiety drugs. [3] They include:

  • Xanax (alprazolam)
  • Klonopin (clonazepam)
  • Valium (diazepam)
  • Ativan (lorazepam)

Opioids and benzodiazepines … America’s MOST DEADLY cocktail.

Many recommend Medical Cannabis as a substitute for anxiety and pain issues. Some 24 states have legalized the medical use of marijuana, Pennsylvania being the latest, and if one is lucky to live in a state like New Mexico, they can even apply online at New Mexico Brief Relief to find out if they qualify.



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Happy 420: Still Zero Fatal ODs From Marijuana

Here we are … April 20th in the year 2016. Although FOUR states and the District of Columbia have ended marijuana prohibition for recreational use and 24 have opened the doors to Medical Cannabis, there have been no fatal OverDoses from marijuana use — evah! Let’s be clear — one can OD on marijuana, particularly edibles, and it leads to a really bad trip. A person who is ODing on marijuana feels lethargic, headache, paranoid, may suffer nausea and become disorientated or frightened. Edibles are a serious risk to the novice user, as they can take 45 minutes or longer to affect the body. A person who consumes edible marijuana and then drives could end up in a dangerous situation. Don’t become a statistic! Use responsibly; do not abuse!

While there have been NO recorded OD fatalities from marijuana/cannabis use, OD deaths from Alcohol, Opioid Prescription Pain Relievers, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine and Heroin continue to skyrocket. “More persons died from drug overdoses in the United States in 2014 than during any previous year on record,” the CDC reported earlier this month. While alarming, more people died in 2014 from alcohol-induced causes, including alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis, (30,722) than from overdoses of prescription painkillers and heroin combined (28,647), according to the CDC. The latest federal data shows alcohol is killing Americans at a rate not seen in at least 35 years. The change has been especially pronounced among women. The percent of women drinking monthly or more rose from 47.9 in 2002 to 51.9 in 2014. Women LOVE their wine!

Most recent figures from the National Institute on Drug Abuse are highlighted below.


Opioids: From 2001 to 2014 there was a 340 Percent increase in the total number of deaths.


Benzodiazepines: From 2001 to 2014 there was a 500 Percent increase in the total number of deaths.


Cocaine: From 2001 to 2014 there was a 42 Percent increase in the total number of deaths.


Heroin: From 2001 to 2014 there was a 600 Percent increase in the total number of deaths.

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eCigs and Hookah Use Exploding with Kids

The CDC released their latest Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (April 17, 2016) and findings were mixed. The smoking of tobacco cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco among Middle and High School students continues to drop. This is good news, because tobacco use and addiction most generally begin during teen and young adulthood and research is clear that youth use of tobacco in any form, whether it be combustible, noncombustible, or electronic, is unsafe.

On the other hand, the report shows alarming increases in the number of HS students who said they used an eCig at least once in the last month — increasing to 16 percent in 2015 from 1.5 percent in 2011. There was a statistically significant and massive increase in the number of MS students using eCigs as well — leaping from 0.6 percent in 2011 to 5.3 percent in 2015. Additionally, the use of hookahs nearly doubled among HS students to 7.2 percent from 4.1 percent.  Hookah use doubled among MS students between 2011 (1%) and 2015 (2%).

eCig Use Exploding with Kids

eCig Use Exploding with Kids

CDC researchers point out that regardless the mode of delivery, nicotine exposure during adolescence, a critical time for brain development, might have lasting adverse consequences for brain development, causes addiction, and might lead to sustained use of tobacco products. Rapid changes in use of traditional and emerging tobacco products among youths underscore the importance of enhanced surveillance of all tobacco use.

The illustration below shows how tobacco cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco use have decreased in high school students since 2011. Yet the explosion in eCig and Hookah experimentation led overall tobacco use in high school teens to jump significantly.

HS students Using Tobacco Past 30 days

High School Students Using Tobacco Past 30 Days

National Youth Tobacco Survey, United States, 2011–2014

 A young athlete I train recently asked me whether eCigs are safe. He told me a number of athletes at his high school have begun using “vape” products, as they believe nicotine is beneficial for them and they consider eCigs not to be harmful since they’re not burning and smoking the tobacco leaf. This is an excellent question. How does one answer a curious teen?

I told him the truth — yes, no and I don’t know. Confusing? Exactly! YES, it’s great his friends are shunning smoking tobacco. We all agree this is positive. NO, many people who experiment with vaping soon start smoking traditional cigarettes due to the intense power of nicotine addiction. Finally, I DON’T KNOW, as the research about the safety of eCigs remains undetermined today. There are many chemicals in a common “vaping” solution and some have led to PopCorn Lung.

Diacetyl, a flavoring chemical linked to cases of severe respiratory disease, was found in more than 75% of flavored electronic cigarettes and refill liquids tested by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Two other potentially harmful related compounds were also found in many of the tested flavors, which included varieties with potential appeal to young people such as Cotton Candy, Fruit Squirts, and Cupcake. [1]

According to the Harvard study, the condition otherwise known as bronchiolitis obliterans was colloquially termed “Popcorn Lung” because it first appeared in workers who inhaled artificial butter flavor in microwave popcorn processing facilities. Popcorn Lung is a debilitating and irreversible respiratory disease which causes “scarring in tiny air sacs in the lungs that lead to excessive coughing and shortness of breath” similar to that seen in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Lungs are a terrible thing to waste! Let’s educate our youth and teens to this growing social concern. Let’s demand better regulation of eCigs and limit access until society has a better understanding of these complex chemicals. Don’t be afraid to tell your children the truth … even if it is Yes, No and I Don’t Know. Your kids will appreciate your honest. My young athlete-in-training sure did.



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Ariel Avandeyev is a Criminal

On September 8, 2014, my wife and I were enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Black Pot beach on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. It was a warm, sunny day and the beach area was crowded. I was still shell-shocked from a horrific incident about ten days earlier. I found myself looking over my shoulder, felt highly anxious, and wasn’t comfortable around people. I just wanted to be with my wife and stay away from everyone.

Ariel Avandeyev claims she has “a beautiful, big heart” and boasts of herself, “I know who I am and GOD does as well that is why my life is full of joy and blessings.” Why is it those who lie and cheat others believe they have a “beautiful, big heart” and profess to follow god? Wouldn’t our world be truly wonderful if it were filled with “beautiful, big-hearted people” who love god?  Unfortunately, our world is filled with hypocrites — and, Ariel Avandeyev, who currently “freeloads” on taxpayers on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kaua’i with her boyfriend, Cain Aaron Sergieff (SSN: [Redacted]), is a hypocrite and criminal. Watch out for this phony!

Black Pot Beach at Sunset

Black Pot Beach at Sunset

We ate some snacks and I went out to surf. The waves were fun and playful and this relaxed me. The events of August 27th began to melt away. When I returned to the shore, I had that post-surf-smile that every surfer knows. Life was becoming good again! My wife walked with me as I washed off my board and took a shower. She helped me secure the board on our vehicle and then remarked, “See the new baby!”

I looked over and answered, “Oh, that’s Ariel, Cain’s wife. That’s their new baby.” At that point, Ariel Avandeyev recognized me. We greeted each other. My wife and I had first met Ms. Avandeyev in July — only a couple months earlier. She was extremely “happy.” Ariel and my wife exchanged women talk about her expecting baby. At the time, Ariel was engaged in criminal behavior. She came to our rented house on occasion claiming their stove was broken and wanted to bake. She used their Food Stamp allotment to buy ingredients for banana bread and then sold the banana bread near the street in front of our home. Ariel Avandeyev was diverting the resources generously provided to her by taxpayers of Hawai’i and using the money for other wants and pleasures. She and Cain Aaron Sergieff were cheating the system. I learned both did a lot of cheating!

As neither Cain Aaron Sergieff nor Ariel Avadneyev lived in our residence, we did our best to stay out of their lives. We do not engage in criminal activity and prefer to keep our distance from those who do. Yet I soon learned their friend, and Cain Sergieff’s best friend, David Rodgers, was selling drugs from our rented home. The on-property landlord, Paul Bin Chong Say, evicted Rodgers at the end of July. Rodgers blamed me for the eviction, and his best friend, Cain Sergieff, cornered me in our carport on August 27th. He hit me and threatened me with a screwdriver. Although I asked a by-stander to call the police, the corrupt officer sided with the local boy — ignoring the video record and other facts. We have learned KPD officers protect their friends on island. Not only had Ariel Avandeyev been engaged in criminal activity, her baby daddy lied to police and filed a false report about me.

My wife did not recognize Ariel Avandeyev when she saw her that day at Black Pot beach. After I told her who she was, Ariel remarked, “I’m really bummed you punched my husband.” I answered calmly, “Actually, what happened was Cain punched me in the shoulder first and then threatened me with the blade of the screwdriver. So I defended myself.”

Cain Sergieff picks up pipe

Cain Sergieff assaults me with metal pipe

Ariel Avandeyev responded, “I’m glad to know the other side. I was worried because I didn’t know where Cain was and I just had the baby.” I reintroduced my wife to Ariel Avandeyev. She and I congratulated Ms. Avandeyev about her new baby and my wife asked the baby’s name. “Lela.” We both commented how beautiful her baby was and watched Ariel walk away toward the Hanalei pier. We learned the next day how big of criminals Ariel Avandeyev and her friends are.

The Set Up
The next morning while preparing for my shift at work, a KPD officer entered our building. Officer Clayton Okamoto [K410] walked over to me and sternly directed me to follow him outside. In an intimidating tone, he asked, “Where you at Black Pot Beach last night.” I answered, “Yes.” The officer said, “Tell me what happened!” “My wife and I arrived around 5pm. I surfed until about 6:30pm. We watched the sunset and left for dinner at Tahiti Nui about 7:30pm. We returned to Black Pot about 10pm and watched the moon and waves until about 11pm. Then we went home to sleep. What’s going on?”

Officer Okamoto asked again, “Tell me what happened! You can make this hard or easy, but if you make this hard, I’m going to arrest you!” I responded, “What are you talking about?” He angrily replied, “You know what I’m talking about!” I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I told you what my wife and I did last night.” He said, “I should arrest you right now!” “What for?” I demanded. “You know what for,” he stated. I repeated, “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” This seemed to go on for about five minutes — he was interrogating me and I had no idea what he was talking about. He just became angrier with me. I was highly agitated at this point and began sweating. This upset me because I was scheduled to work with customers in a few minutes. The officer told me a couple times, “Wipe that smirk off your face – or I’ll arrest you.” I said, “I’m not smirking. You need to tell me what is going on!”

Officer Okamoto claimed Ariel Avandeyev filed a report of assault against me for an alleged incident the previous night. It was a false allegation — similar to Cain Sergieff’s August 27th false report. Clearly, this woman was being manipulated by Sergieff and Rodgers, and fortunately, my wife had been with me. Okamoto also claimed there was a witness. I demanded he produce the witness. I objected strongly to his questioning and accusations because I knew nothing negative had happened. Under pressure, Okamoto backtracked about the witness.

Officer Okamato then told me he was confused. He said he tended to believe a woman with a baby. This frustrated me. I said, “You found me guilty because I’m a man?” He answered, “Yes, you’re a big guy and a woman with a baby doesn’t lie.” I responded, “So I’m automatically guilty because I’m a big guy?” I added, “Someone lied to you!” I again asked about the witness. “That person has lied to you! And, there is no witness – because nothing happened!”

I returned to work but my managers were upset. They had observed the officer scolding me and didn’t like what they saw. I asked to leave work. I had just started my job and this was not good for my career. My wife had to spend a couple hours with KPD to convince them we were telling the truth. We then filed a complaint with KPD Internal Affairs over the incident. Months later, Chief Perry answered — “not enough information” for the department to make a decision about the rogue officer’s unprofessional behavior. KPD dropped the matter.

Around mid-October, I filed a complaint with KPD over the two false allegations — the first by Cain Sergieff, and the second, by Ariel Avandeyev, his significant other. KPD took our complaint. It was reviewed by another Metcalfe, Mackenzie’s brother, and the department squashed our report and took no action. KPD had arrested me incompetently and negligently; KPD incompetently pulled me from work and threatened me with arrest. KPD covered up their internal failures. They destroy lives and allow criminals to continue with their negative behavior. This is the failure of leadership under the direction of Chief Darryl Perry. KPD protects and ignores criminal activity while hurting law-abiding citizens.

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