The CORRUPT Thin Blue Line

To: Bill Buley, Editor-in-Chief, The Garden Island
Bernard Carvalho, Kaua’i County Mayor
Darryl Perry, KPD Chief
Lt. James Miller, KPD Internal Affairs

About a year ago, I emailed a series of warnings to KPD and Kaua’i County leaders. I had a number of unfortunate encounters with KPD officers. Initially, they refused to assist when I tried to clear drug dealers from our residential compound. Officers told me, “boys will be boys.” As I worked harder to get authorities to take action, the thugs learned of my efforts and turned on me. The incompetence of KPD emboldened them. I filed three complaints with KPD Internal Affairs. The department still refuses to answer my concern filed December 2014.

Attempting to get my matter reviewed, I warned Chief Perry his silence represented corruption. He is covering up BAD cops in the department. Americans are monumentally frustrated with police across our nation. Law enforcement forms a Thin Blue Line. Citizens are urged to TRUST the uniform. Thus, when just ONE officer is corrupt, and when departments cover up their corruption, Americans lose faith in the entire Line. We begin to FEAR the Thin Blue Line. Its appears two Black Americans were “assassinated” by police this week. As a result, a sniper opened fire in Dallas and murdered many GOOD officers. I warned Chief Perry his failure of leadership would lead to more violence. I told him “blood would be on his hands.” Over and over and over, we see examples of BAD cops … yet nothing changes. Only good cops can weed out bad ones. The public is not allowed to provide oversight. KPD Internal Affairs and Chief Perry are failing the Thin Blue Line across America.

About 20 years ago this month, my wife and I were living in Albuquerque, NM. We rented an apartment in a seedy area around the university we were attending. Due to the 4th of July holiday, we were accustomed to pops and loud bangs of fireworks. A series of bangs caught my attention. I told my wife, “That wasn’t fireworks. Those were gun shots.” I ran outside to investigate. My wife followed with our “cordless” phone. We didn’t have cell phones back then.

The sounds led me across the street to watch a young Black man stumble out a side door of a neighboring home. He fell down 3-4 stairs, landed on his face with his head on the ground. I rushed to him. He had a gun shot wound in his upper back; another lower near his spine. He was bleeding badly. I cradled him, pulled off my shirt to use as a compress and applied first aid. He was slipping in and out of consciousness. When I could, I urged him not to move. The wound near his spine was concerning, but he told me he was in great pain.

I held the man until paramedics and police arrived. Another man had been in the house. He was flushing something down the sink — illegal drugs. This is the violence of drug crime. The first police officer to interview with me was “official looking.” I learned later he was Albuquerque’s Chief of Police. He helped wipe the blood off my arms. He praised my courage and action. Over the next few years, I worked closely with Albuquerque Police, courts and corrections, probation and parole. As a university researcher, I wrote a series of reports about the criminal justice system in New Mexico. When Gary Johnson became governor in 1998, he used my research as the basis for his policies to reform our drug laws. He was the first governor in the nation to call for marijuana legalization.

This was a time of Community Policing where citizens worked together with law enforcement to take control over thugs on our streets. Funding soon dried up for these programs. Governor Johnson was ridiculed for his “extreme views.” Darren White, the governor’s director of Public Safety, resigned in protest. (Ironically, White now serves on the board of a Medical Marijuana company.) Public money was funneled to bigger, badder weapons for the police. Community Policing evolved into Tactical Response. Police today are similar to our national troops in war zones. Police are scared of the people; people are scared of the police. Fear runs rampant through our communities.

Americans have LOST FAITH in their leaders and institutions. This is reflected by those on both the Right (Trump supporters) and Left (Berniecrats). As a result of FAILED LEADERSHIP in this country, Americans do not LIKE each other; Americans do not TRUST each other; Americans FEAR each other. The blood of brave officers and innocent civilians is now the Currency of Corruption.

A STORM IS COMING … you have been warned.


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Clear Health specializes in designing programs for women. Historically, medical, addiction and nutritional plans considered men and women to be similar. Today, experts recognize this is ineffective and dangerous. Unfortunately, too many programs for women still fail to provide a comprehensive Clear Health package.
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