Herrington Misohawni and the Curse of Octavio

This is a fictional literary narrative for entertainment purposes only. Any similarity to real life events or persons is entirely coincidental. 

Few people today remember the story of Princesa Maria Rosario Gonzalez de Velasquez. It is over a millennium now since the daughter of Iotypica’s leading family and her seven siblings made the star voyage to the technology capital on Solaeria. This was no easy feat for young humanoids. Conditions during inner galactic travel are harsh and Solaeria was over 500 parsecs from Iotypica at the time. Although their sleek vessel could achieve kiloparsec speeds with the revolutionary dual BendWarp engines, even this advanced technology required the children to spend over 3.5 years transversing the dark void of space. Young princesa Maria Rosario was 18 by the time they reached SolAeria.

Through difficult challenges, princess Maria Rosario grew into a bold, beautiful woman. The people of Solaeria grew to adore her. Although she was an alien, she had studied to learn the language of the Solaerians; she adopted their culture; and she eventually married of male of the tribe. The locals referred to him a Hectorian. Together they had three sons. This pleased Hectorian and the Solaerians. Due to war, famine and toxic chemicals, Solaerians had difficulty bearing male children. Princesa Maria Rosario was their last hope.

Out of respect, the couple named their first born, Hectorian Jr. There were many Hectorians in the Gonzalez clan. Yet Hectorian Jr. was the pride of all. He was the first “intergalactic” child on Solaerians. The practice had been outlawed generations previously, as the Solaerians were proud, although somewhat arrogant, people. They didn’t want to diminish their seed. Due to the short-sighted behavior of the Solaerians though, Nature did what they had hoped not to do. Nature ravaged the reproductive capabilities of the Solaerian women. Toxic chemicals, polluted streams, and intolerable air left the women with poison in their wombs. Princesa Maria Rosario was indeed the hope of planet Solaeria.

Shortly after the birth of Hectorian Jr, the newlyweds had a second boy. They named this miraculous child, Carlos Santana. He was born strong, thick, and with a full head of jet black hair. Solaerians were light haired, almost blonde. The planet existed in a binary solar system and the 36-hour day cycle was balanced only with a six-hour night. One or two suns always seemed to shine on Solaeria. The vibrant family of four lived in harmony with the local people. All was good. Excitement rippled across the sparsely inhabited planet. Many women wanted a boy; many families wanted to balance their lives with a male child. Hectorian Jr, and now, Carlos Santana were their New Hope.

When Hectorian Jr was about 15, his parents had their third child. Princesa Maria Rosario gave her husband a third boy. They named him Octavio. Where Hectorian Jr had been bold; Carlos Santana had been strong; Octavio was handsome. As a child he was beautiful; as a young boy, he was dynamic, charismatic and charming. Women came from near and far to look at Octavio. They hoped he was the one for their daughter. Competition amongst the women was growing fierce. Octavio was only six years of age, but he was a planetary favorite. Octavio would be the planet’s next king.

Princesa Maria Rosario Meets Herrington Misohawni

Part 2 Coming Soon … check back!


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