Chris V Corliss: Publish Anything and I Will Sue You!

I had worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008. I thought her greater experience would serve the nation better than newcomer, Barack Obama. The country swung toward Obama and the rest is history. Yet I noticed a sad trend was developing across the land while working within the Clinton campaign. Women were demanding a voice — and in most cases, blaming men for their troubles. The hatred of men is consuming our national dialogue:

Misandry: the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys. It is parallel in form to misogyny, and either “misandrous” or “misandristic” can be used as adjective forms of the word. Misandry can manifest itself in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, female privilege, denigration of men, violence against men, sexual objectification of men, “or more broadly, the hatred, fear, anger and contempt of men”.

Debbie Smith Webster: It’s time for me to address all of your trolling. All of the posts, not just this one. Women are allowed to call out spades, and I doubt that you’ve ever championed anything other than your toxic self-centered ego or misogynistic views.

Ms. Webster “doubts” I have championed anything. She doubts? Is she calling me a liar? How ironic! Women are upset that men DOUBT their claims of harassment or abuse, but does that make Debbie sensitive to trusting what I say? She claims I am toxic for stating I am a “fragile” male yet served my community to protect women and People of Color. She sees a man and simply spews hatred about him. This is misandry.

Ms. Webster added, “We all get to like what we like and are under no obligation to desire you. Now do you understand?”

Yes, WE ALL (men and women) get to like what we like. As I pointed out, I’m a nice and respectful male to women. Yet when I look like a nerd, as many boys look growing up, YOU do not respect us. You kick us to the curb. Yet when I’m the star athlete, or big businessman, or powerful politician, then YOU love us.

What message are you sending to men? We must be powerful, rich, successful, cool — for YOU to like us. But THOSE TYPE of men are predators.

Quiet, smart, respectful men are invisible to YOU. Thus, men learn. If we want YOUR affection, we become LIKE them! You want the BAD boy; you want the egotistical Rooster. This is who YOU like; and, to win YOUR affection, we BECOME like them.

So, yes, you are creating the predators. YOU do it all the time!


Debbie Smith Webster (left), Misandristic Female

Amy Smith: NOTE — how Ms. Smith “womansplains” to me; how she condescends. I had written initially (my words in italics)

I’m male. I’m fragile. I admit it. Society says, “You’re a guy; be tough. Go to war; be rough. Stand up to bullies; be a fighter. Do the right thing; have morals.”

Why should I? Why not you? My dad threw me out of the house in 3rd grade when he caught me hiding from the schoolyard bully. He said, “Learn to be a man. If you don’t stand up now, you’ll never stand.” I did stand. I kicked his a**. All the girls and wimpy boys wanted to be my friend. I just wanted to be left alone.

When I was about 18, my government said, “Pick up this weapon, register for the draft, your country needs you to fight some little man elsewhere around the world.” I didn’t want to go. Why not the women who demand equal treatment? They don’t register for the draft. They aren’t raised in fear!

My society forced me to fight; to stand up; to develop what many women claim is “toxic masculinity.” I would have loved to be safe. I would have preferred to have others save me, protect me, do things for me. Yet my father, and mother, reminded me frequently that the world does not owe anyone a living. It seems the Millennial generation believes they are owed something. They do not have the COURAGE to stand up and fight. They are excellent at criticizing others.


Here is the thing Martin you say you want to be heard. Give me an example of a time when men have not been heard. When they were treated as property or less than. You are approaching this from your perspective alone. From your hurts and triggers. Right now women are finding their voice. Their ability to express themselves and you are trying to instead of listening, you are making it about you and your issues.

Women claim MEN are holding them back; they claim White Males have privilege; they want us to listen. We are listening. I hear you. What do you want us to do? Women want equality. Okay, do what men have done. We FOUGHT. We couldn’t ask others to listen. We couldn’t ask others to fight for us. We had to STAND UP and fight. Why won’t women fight?

If you want to be an advocate if you are the man you say you are, then why are you not taking the time to listen? Why are you not saying, because I care about women I want to hear and understand? Why are you not saying I hear you but I don’t get it? Please help me to understand. You are not doing those things. You are not expressing empathy, compassion or the desire to learn or grow. You have spent all this time making it about you and your experiences as a man.

I hear you; men hear you. But I am not here to be YOUR advocate. You are a powerful woman. You do not need me or a man. Why do you even need me to listen? Just Do It!

What are you doing? What is your end game and how do you think you are doing in achieving it? Please take some time for self-reflection take someone to think about the hurt and pain you have seen not just today but that women have experienced and for god’s sake please take some time to just listen with an open mind.

What am I doing? I am union. I am a steward. I am a vice president of a union. I fight. I save jobs. I earned my women coworkers raises and better conditions. Did you?

If you truly want to be heard you do not start the conversation with caps. It hurts your message from the start. It makes people not interested in hearing what you actually have to say. You have to know your audience and how best to approach the subject so that they will actually learn something not write you off. The way you began rubs me the wrong way from the beginning and it discredits you and your argument.

Where did I start my conversation with caps? (I didn’t) Why is this woman lecturing me about how to write? This is what we call an ad hominem attack. She refuses to answer my questions. She simply attacks my person and character. This is an example of misandry.

Dude i explained what you learn in any communications class in college look up know your audience. I was not attacking it was basic communication skills.

An ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments. I did not attack your character. I pointed out you are alienating your audience because of how you choose to present your argument. I never attacked you or your character. I didn’t say that you were mansplaining to me like you did to me. I never used all caps which is known to be yelling.

Repeatedly, I wrote to Ms. Smith — you are ATTACKING me. I am asking YOU to STOP attacking me. No!!! No!!! No!!! And, NO means no, doesn’t it? Please stop attacking me. Simply answer MY question. Did you serve as a steward in a union?

Ms. Smith asked me, “I want you to look back at my words and tell me where I have attacked you.”

Attack: If you truly want to be heard you do not start the conversation with caps.

Attack: You have to know your audience and how best to approach the subject

Attack: you seem to want a pat on the back for doing the right thing.

Attack: If you really want to be an advocate for women I implore you to please take time and listen to our experiences.

Ms. Smith then did what many people do when they are wrong in a discussion … she became Passive Aggressive. “I am done talking to you it will get nowhere. You won’t stop to listen or to learn. Since it can’t be you learning about my experience as a woman and me learning about your experience, I won’t continue to engage in this conversation.”

To Ms. Smith, I quoted her comments when she wrote, “you are alienating your audience because of how you choose to present your argument.”

You are criticizing how I present my argument. This is an attack on me. You are NOT discussing the topic. As you wrote correctly, “An ad hominem, short for argumentum ad hominem, means responding to arguments by attacking a person’s character, rather than to the content of their arguments.”

Now, can you please answer the question I posed to you a number of times? Have you served in a union? Have you saved another woman?

Then, Ms. Smith added, “I am done talking to you it will get nowhere.” This is how a misandristic female acts. She attacks. When she feels she is losing the argument, she quits. She refused to answer my questions. Now, she gives up! I guess that’s why women have SUFFERED throughout history. When things are tough, they quit. They DEMAND men keep up the fight while they go hang out with their friends and have fun! They then criticize men for their “toxic masculinity” that they must learn to survive in this world. Women? No need to fight. They want men to do it for them. Equality? Sure. We are simply a “penis and elbow grease.” Misandristic females see us as Boy Toys for their pleasure and Work Horses for their worldly needs.

Thanks ladies! Really DO NOT appreciate all the anger and hatred. Ms. Smith pointed out the picture is of her daughter (below) working as a political activist, which the mother posted publicly. I’m including this image per the Fair Use Doctrine for educational purposes. Hopefully, her mother will teach this young lady to be respectful to all men and women.

Amy Smith’s final comments, “Nope. Not at all interested. tell Putin hi. I am sure Trump appreciates all your hard work!” She used her daughter’s image for political purposes — likely without her consent. She claims to FIGHT for woman, but couldn’t hold a civil discussion with me. This is the FUTURE of the Democratic party. Black woman, Leticia James, commented at the Women’s Convention in Detroit recently. James is a public advocate for the City of New York and first Woman of Color to hold citywide office in the city, “The Democratic party is too male. It’s too pale and too stale.” Misandry is alive and well on the Left.

Good luck, Amy!


Daughter of Amy Smith, Misandristic Mother

I asked Chris V Corliss, “Why would you speak to me that way? That is how Donald Trump talks to people. I would think you abhor such uncivil behavior. Why do you do this?”

Chris V Corliss, Misandristic Female

This is our conversation. Ms. Corliss told me to “kiss her ass.” This is an example of MISANDRY, the hatred of men and boys, that feminists are furthering today.



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