State of Hawai’i Cheated Me for Ten Dollars

The State of Hawai’i, America’s 50th state, is so corrupt, broken and self-serving they cheated me for a mere $10. Kaua’i police did not follow their procedure; the Prosecuting Attorney, Justin F. Kollar, made mistakes on my legal paperwork. My expensive lawyer didn’t catch their errors. Rather than admit fault, they pass blame to me. “Pay more,” the State says. Most people would suffer the loss and move on. However this isn’t the first time the State cheated me. That occurred on August 27, 2014. They have cheated our family numerous times. Their failure tarnishes my reputation. These errors should have been corrected years ago. Welcome to America — where government is the problem. In Oakland, California, a Bay Area coffee shop won’t serve police for “safety of customers.”

The State didn’t — and doesn’t — simply cheat our family though. Incompetent State officials recently terrified residents waking us up with a “nuclear missile attack” alert. It’s common to hire friends and family rather than the most qualified candidate. State government and public officials aren’t pono with many locals and visitors. I observed Kaua’i’s Office of Prosecuting Attorney chief, Justin Kollar, unethically bully an young woman in 2015. He wouldn’t get away with such abusive behavior today.

Prosecutor Kollar is soft on crime. He showboats picking on helpless, and struggling, single mothers, but doesn’t have cojones to take on real criminals. He and assistant, Ginger Grimpas, refused to consider at the evidence in my situation and filed my paperwork incorrectly. Kaua’i Police Chief Darryl Perry and his team were consistently outsmarted by criminals. He’s corrupt and lazy. I filed an Internal Affairs complaint with his office. Over three years now and he refuses to answer. Sadly, defense attorney, Craig De Costa, appeared bored with his job. He failed to ensure my paperwork had been completed correctly. He didn’t hesitate to take my money. The criminals beat Kaua’i’s finest crime fighters time after time. How sad is that?

Darryl Perry (L), Justin Kollar, Craig De Costa (R)

Fancy law schools, diplomas, years of training and yet they officials were defeated by thugs and cockroaches. Perry, Kollar and De Costa have no Hawaiian Pride. They were afraid to take on the criminals. While these wussies didn’t have the courage to stand up to them, I did. I turned a “shithole” community into the beautiful place one would expect in Hanalei.

Officers didn’t know the law

The State of Hawai’i claims I harassed men they knew engaged in criminal behavior. David Roger boasts about being a drug dealer since high school. He owned the market from Ching Young Village to Black Pot. He beat his domestic partner so badly she fled the island. Terms of his probation required he pass drug screens. He smoked weed daily and drank hourly. It wasn’t possible for him to pass. He and Cain Aaron Sergieff even involved Ariel Avandeyev and their new, baby girl in a conspiracy — a Circle of Criminal Life. The State didn’t care.

On October 9, 2014, I filed an incident report with KPD. The investigating officer was Dain M Metcalfe, ID 2961. I believe he’s the brother of the officer who arrested me on August 27th and December 7th. I wanted action on the improper 48-hour Stay Away Notice, assault with a deadly weapon against me, and false report by a female named Ariel Avandeyev. The officer wrote, “A report was generated, no further action taken.” Welcome to Kaua’i Police Department and the State of Hawai’i. Brothers covering up for brothers.

Summary of Incident Report, October 9, 2014

Paul Bin Chong Say got his brother killed running drugs from Colombia and Thailand. He taught his boy to steal. He was extorting my wife and me to rip off his brother, while abusing his kids and pirating cable. His mother wanted him dead and their family attorney was exhausted. Ronald Wildassin conspired to do his bidding. After nearly killing his girlfriend, the State returned Paul to prison. Wake up!

Kauai Criminals

The State’s allegations are false, but I certainly demanded the illegal activity cease. I’m not violent though. I was trained to use the law — the pen is mightier than the sword. Had the State partnered with me, rather than looking the other way, justice would have prevailed. My wife and I did what our government would not. Now they steal $10 from us.

Destruction of Family

There’s another reason. My wife lost her father three weeks ago. He was young and vibrant. His untimely death crushed her radiant, glowing spirit and devastated her mother. We remain in a deep, dark place. She suffers PTSD. Three years ago, March 23, 2015, I lost my mother. She passed after serving America with honor and distinction. She was a first grade teacher who taught in a minority school and raised her children to be just in their activities, act responsibly, and treat others with respect and compassion. The Knudsen family name is respected locally on Kaua’i.

Mary Petrea (Knudsen) Goold: Jan 10, 1935 – March 23, 2015

My mother suffered a fall about March 17th. Due to multiple failures by the State of Hawai’i, I was on island lock down. Doctors were initially optimistic. Bad injury, but recoverable they thought. By the end of the week, her conditioned has worsened. There wasn’t time to process the legal paperwork to exit the island. By Monday, she was gone. I was only able to speak with her by telephone for about 15 seconds Sunday evening. Terribly weak and faint she was. The State of Hawai’i cheated my mother by preventing her only son, the boy for whom she had sacrificed her life — the woman who had stood patiently and unconditionally loving by my side to catch my falls or mend the many scrapes — from holding her one last time in her final moments of need. Unforgivable!

The State of Hawai’i unjustly labeled me a criminal. They robbed me of my dignity. I couldn’t tell my mother this news. Surely it would have killed her sooner. I was 57 years of age at the time. I’m not perfect but she raised us to respect the law and do right by people. I had never failed her. I couldn’t let her know of this defeat now. Her life would have been for nothing. I couldn’t tell my family. They still don’t know about this criminal history. It would have devastated them. I’ve shouldered this onerous burden in silence.

My wife is supported today by family, friends and a strong community. Women have a “beehive” around them in times of struggle and need. I was totally alone when my mother passed. This is the plight of men in America. We do not have strong social networks. I sat alone in my studio apartment prison cell. Nobody! The guilt of failing my mother in her time of need stabs at my soul even today. I’ve never recovered the PTSD. Officials have asked me, “Ever consider suicide?” What do you think?

Government Failure

Government no longer protects us. Hawai’i residents and people around the world were needlessly terrified January 13, 2018, as the State of Hawai’i issued a false nuclear ballistic missile alert. The poorly trained official simply “froze” when notified of his mistake. Someone had hired a cousin, rather than a competent civil servant.  Citizens reported White male shooter, Nikolas Cruz, repeatedly to the FBI and local officials. Our broken, bloated and negligent criminal justice system ignored cries from citizen crime fighters. Low level analysts warned the FBI about a possible terrorist attack that occurred September 11, 2001. Hubris led to the death of some 3,000 people and wounded over 6,000. It’s not getting better in America; it’s getting worse. Our government is killing us. Cheating me $10 is the last pineapple!

Coincidentally, my favorite TV program from the islands is Hawai’i Five-O. The show centers on a fictional state police force led by former US naval officer Steve McGarrett, a detective captain, appointed by the Governor. The raison d’être for this special force is standard policing in the islands doesn’t work. Police are incompetent and bumbling fools. How true! For serious needs, contact Five-O.

Special Force needed because Hawai’i police are incompetent

The Five-O team consists of three to five members and is portrayed as occupying a suite of offices in the ‘Iolani Palace. Brings back memories when I coached for the Chinese women’s national volleyball team. We were honored to dine in the ‘Iolani Place. Wish I had met Captain McGarrett there.

Olympic Women’s Volleyball Silver Medalists in Honolulu

Five-O is not available to locals. I reported illegal behavior by drug dealers to KPD police, Officers Anderson and Burns. The thugs were sexually assaulting underage girls; bribing young teen ladies with drugs, alcohol, warm showers and a place to crash; defecating on the property and dumping toxic chemicals used in their boat repairs. They grew skunk crib in Wainiha and sold it to passing tourists. They rarely work. They drank beer and smoked herb day and night — drunk and stoned for life! “Boys will be boys,” KPD officers said. Not interested.

I emailed my concerns to chief prosecutor, Justin Kollar. “Too busy” even while a known criminal drove intoxicated in a massive 4 X 4 at high speed down Kaua’i’s highways. David Roger had beat his girlfriend black and blue, forcing her to flee to mainland with their 10-year-old son. He screamed and shouted at people, while demonstrating serious anger management and addiction problems. He and friends repaired his boat he capsized while drunk at the helm. He was a ticking time bomb of disaster. County Counselor Gary Hooser listened. He finally persuaded Kollar to get involved. Kollar woke up but the terrorists had already attacked. Too late!

With extensive experience in criminal justice, I had applied to OPA prior to Kollar’s election to prosecuting attorney. I participated on drug courts, evaluated probation & parole programs, counseled inmates in jails and prisons, provided oversight of judicial procedings, and conducted ride-alongs with local police. Kaua’i’s system is broken.

“Aloha Scott, You are such an inspiration … Every day I regret it more and more that I didn’t hire you. It was a huge mistake.”

Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho, Kaua’i County Prosecuting Attorney
Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Competence and Compassion Rare

There are competent people serving us in government. One is Michael E. Miranda. He’s an officer with the Adult Client Services Branch of the Kaua’i court system. Michael managed my probation.  He wasn’t judgmental. He followed the terms of the agreement. I did precisely what the State demanded. Michael was professional, kind and courteous. I’ve supported a local activist group, Malama Kaua’i, for years. In December I received their newsletter announcing staff had quadrupled and introducing one new member, Michael Miranda. This may be a common name, but due to the manner Michael treated me, I donated $15 to the organization on his behalf. I am willing to donate $15 in support of hard working people. I will not be cheated $10 by corrupt public officials. Never again!


Michael is frustrated as well. He is a caring individual, but the State of Hawai’i isn’t:
Aloha Scott,
I am not in a position to tell the Expungement Division how to do their job. At this point, I can only advise you to follow the instructions that I sent to you in the letter that you received (which you scanned and showed me) so that the expungement can be rectified.
I apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you, and I also wish that it had been done correctly several months ago.

Government Protects Criminals, Not Citizens

To the State of Hawai’i, I remain a criminal. Ironic, because my wife and I were battling two life-long criminals, David Rodger and Paul Bin Chong Say, and sidekicks, Cain Sergieff and Ronald Wildasinn. As I show, the criminals beat the State of Hawai’i four times in the battle against our family. Criminals 4; State 0. Kaua’i police weren’t courageous enough; Police Chief Darryl Perry wasn’t bold enough; Office of Prosecuting Attorney staff weren’t sophisticated enough; and my attorney, Craig De Costa, wasn’t motivated enough. He’s bright and competent. Had this west side lawyer given us his best, the legal issues would have disappeared quickly. He took our $7,000 and gave us about 50 percent of his potential. The paperwork snags we suffer today are partially his fault. This is why we hired him. He failed to ensure the system got it right. Thanks team!


Had I been a cousin or family member to any of these individuals, the criminals would have been evicted from the islands. The facts were clear. Overall, the system isn’t concerned about law-abiding citizens. Officials, judges and staff are disinterested, overwhelmed and apathetic.

Let’s Play Hawai’i Five-O

Those interested in criminal justice and detective mysteries know there are three key components to any crime: Means, Motive and Opportunity. Can you solve this crime? Kaua’i officials could not.

Cain Sergieff with screwdriver moments before he attacked me in carport

Game #1
Incident occurred August 27, 2014. Arresting officer was MacKenzie Metcalfe, ID 2412. Location 4465a Aku Rd, Hanalei. I resided in the complex. Officer Metcalfe summarized, “I was dispatched to an assault. Subsequent investigation revealed abuse of family.”

Brief background: see video of Cain Aaron Sergieff BEGGING home co-owner, Paul Bin Chong Say, to allow him to leave the boat on the property for a couple more hours moments before he attacks me with his screwdriver.

“Paul, Paul … help me out here. Paul, come on. I just had a kid. Let’s us leave this boat here for an hour and a half. This guy’s giving me a hard time. Help me out!”

“Please, Paul, help me out, man. You know me before you’ve known this guy.”

Alleged victim was Cain Aaron Sergieff, who was 32 years of age at the time. He did not reside at 4455a Aku Rd. He lived with his girlfriend and domestic partner in Wainiha, about seven miles west. They had just celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter, about ten days earlier.

Room of David Roger. No room for Sergieff

Sergieff told Office Metcalfe, “I was working on a boat. My roommate “Scott” … approached me with a letter informing me I could not have the boat there and told me to move it. I told Goold I had permission to have the boat on property from the landlord. Goold got in my faced and yelled at me to move the boat. Goold punched me in the face.”

The video shows Sergieff dialing phone, screwdriver on the table. He says, “What the fuck, Scott. You punched me in the face!” I responded, “Don’t ever hit me again, Cain.” Cain, “You punched me in the fuckin’ face,” and approaches me. I state, “You hit me again; you hit me again, I’m going to punch you.”

Sergrieff dialing phone after first incident

HISTORY: Property owners, Barbara Say and Paul Bin Chong Say, listed me as the lead tenant. They gave me an order signed by both demanding the boat be removed by Saturday, August 23, 2014, or it would be towed. Roommate David Roger removed the boat by the deadline. He returned it August 27th. I arrived from work to find on-site property owner, Paul Bin Chong Say, in heated argument with Roger. Paul demanded the boat be removed immediately. Roger fled the property.

Paul asked me to talk with Sergieff, as he knew I had an amicable relationship with him. Paul instructed me to have him remove the boat or call to have the boat towed. I approached Sergieff with the letter. He was working on the boat about 30′ from the house.

MY STATEMENT: Sergieff yelled at me and said he wasn’t removing the boat. I turned away and walked back toward the house to call the towing company. Sergieff pursued me into the carport and hit me on the back shoulder. When I turned, he threatened me with a screwdriver and I blocked/punched his arm. I believe the recoil caused the screwdriver butt to hit him under his eye. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and began recording. Boat and tools are in the background.

Sergieff talking on phone and threatening me

Sergieff leaves and goes to work area to get weapon:

Sergrieff leaves to get weapon

Sergieff returned with metal pipe in his hand. I asked a passing pedestrian to call 911. I showed the video to the officer. I demanded he charge Sergieff with assault with a deadly weapon. Kaua’i Police Department Office Metcalfe, ID 2412, arrested me and banned me from my home for 48 hours. He didn’t include my video with the evidence. Thanks KPD!

Sergieff with weapon as I ask passing pedestrian to call 911

Means, motive and opportunity. Nobody witnessed the initial incident. It’s a he said/he said situation. Both of us had means and opportunity. Who has motive?

I had a signed order to have the boat towed. I had contacted police, county officials, and prosecutor Kollar. I respect the law. I was a licensed real estate agent in Hawai’i. At the time, I trusted my government. Due to my persistence, both owners signed the removal order and evicted David Roger. He was vacating the property in 3-4 days, by the end of August. What motive do I have to strike Sergrieff? If I make one phone call, our problem is resolved.

What is Cain Aaron Sergieff’s motive? He knows if I enter the house, get the towing company information, and make the call, they’re out of $300. How does he prevent this knowing the on-site owner told them to move the boat and the order is in writing?

Most importantly, Sergieff lied. He reported to police he lived on property. This is provably false. His credibility is impeached. He sought a domestic violence charge to get me removed from the home for 48-hours. This allegation also raised bail to $1,000, costing our family over $200. Although I repeatedly told Officer MacKenzie Sergieff didn’t reside in the home, he refused to verify. Our lives were on the line and the KPD police officer wouldn’t even check. This is professional negligence. Nobody cares at the State of Hawai’i.

Imagine how you would feel being kicked out of your home knowing another party had lied. I spent that night sleeping on the street; took a freezing shower at Black Pot at 5:30am, and dressed for my shift in the car. I made it to work — exhausted and totally stressed. My wife was on mainland. She suffered the night in anxiety and fear. Officer MacKenzie had no interest in getting this right. Nobody cared to get this right. KPD chief Perry didn’t care to get it right; Prosecutor Kollar didn’t care. Even my attorney, Craig De Costa, wasn’t fired up to get this right. Another day, another mess. No pride in Hawai’i government. This is why we need the Five-O. McGarrett gets his man. His team takes pride in getting it right.

Game #2
I won’t go into as much detail on the remaining incidents. It was September 8, 2014. My wife and I were enjoying an afternoon at Black Pot beach park. I surfed off the point at Summers. I returned about 5pm. She walked with me to a pavilion to shower and rinse my board. We returned to our SUV. I was securing my board on the roof when she noticed a woman with a new baby. I looked. “That’s Ariel,” I said, “Cain’s partner.” Ariel heard us and approached, stopping about two-cars distance away. We remained with our vehicle. The women exchanged baby talk. Ariel then asked about the incident. I told her my side of the story and she walked off.

The next morning, about 8:30am, KPD Officer Okamoto came to my workplace, demanded me leave with him, and interrogated me outside the facility. He said he would arrest me — unless “I came clean.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I had just started my job and managers didn’t know me well. This incident had a huge negative impact on my reputation. People are afraid of police. When a police officer pulls you from work and forces you to leave for the day, they believe you did something wrong. Thanks KPD!

Ariel Avadneyev told the officer I had assaulted her the previous evening. It was a false allegation and I know she didn’t think this up. Such a scheme came from David Roger and Sergieff. I was forced to leave work — had never missed and didn’t miss again — to bring my wife to Officer Okamoto. She spent a day of her vacation under stress in a police office. Thanks KPD! You got duped by criminals a second time and we paid the price. Unsolicited, Paul Bin Chong Say even drafted a letter in support. He knew the claim was bogus. None of the officers would make McGarrett’s squad.

Here’s the key: Officer Okamoto did not allow me to be present when he questioned my wife. I’ll discuss this in a moment. We didn’t object. This is standard procedure. He interrogated her intensely and in detail. She told me later there was a point when his face “went white.” He knew he had been used. He told us he wanted to drop the matter. We objected. We wanted to file charges against Ariel. It would stop their harassment and also help us with the August 27th incident.

Officer Okamoto refused. Further investigation of this matter would reveal the KPD officer made a mistake. Okamoto wanted us to go away quietly to protect himself and the department. This is how the State of Hawai’i works. Civil servants protect themselves and the system. They do not serve the people they are charged to protect. In this case, government was protecting criminals and hurting law-abiding citizens.

How often do we see this? Some 250 young, beautiful and talented gymnasts were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar. USA Gymnastics knew enough to stop this, but protected their organization’s reputation, not the young athletes. Michigan State University personnel also had numerous warnings. People suspected but they protected the powerful, not the people. The Catholic church did this with boys who were abused by priests. Penn State football did this. Hollywood did this. There are two worlds in America: one for the privileged and one for peasants. In which category are you?

Eviction of David Roger

The first two incidents occurred due to my efforts to evict drug dealer, David Roger, from our property. David beat his girlfriend black and blue in front of their ten-year-old son, which forced her to take the young boy and return to mainland. David frequently exploded in rage, violent screaming and shouting, and threatening behavior. David could be one scary dude. He told me he started dealing drugs in high school when living in San Diego. He admitted to being an alcoholic and had failed numerous times to regain control over this life. As part of his probation, the State of Hawai’i required periodic drug tests. A positive test would return him to incarceration. David woke each day, drank a few beers and smoked weed. He did this throughout the day and night.

I’m an addiction specialist. I tried to help David. I offered him $200 if he could stay off cannabis for a month and pass his mandatory drug screen. He accepted my offer and did well for three days. He continued to drink alcohol and substituted tobacco for weed. On the fourth day, he relapsed. He told me to forget the $200 offer. He took his drug screen. The State of Hawai’i did not follow through on their promise. They did not return him to jail. Likely, it was simply easier for the State to leave this problem to helpless citizens.

Living Near Paul Bin Chong Say

With David gone, my attention focused on Paul Bin Chong Say. He also has serious anger management issues. He would rage for minutes, hours, sometimes even for days. People told me his years abusing cocaine and heroin turned him into this violent mess. I thought he could be bi-polar. At times, he was a soft, gentle kitten. One could see the good in him. The next minute, he would turn into the Most Dangerous Man on Kaua’i.

Paul’s mother, Barbara Say, told me she wanted him dead. Years ago Paul and friends sailed a boat frequently to Colombia and Thailand to obtain illicit drugs. They took friends, such as Darcel Koehne, on these trips to cover their intent. Darcel told me she had been an unwitting accompliss to his crimes. One trip ended badly. Paul’s action got his brother killed. Barbara never forgave him. Everyone Paul touched seem to get hurt.

Paul Bin Chong Say

Paul didn’t work. He lived off rent income from the property he and brother, Byron, inherited with the death of their father. His behavior suggested he sold illicit drugs — likely prescription meds. I would see him meeting in shadows late at night in an alley behind the complex. Periodically, streams of people would make the inconvenient trip to his rear ‘ohana house at strange hours. They would bring nothing, stay a few minutes, and leave with nothing. Perfect scenario of people buying drugs. The screaming, yelling, foul and hateful language never stopped.

Property 4465a Aku Rd. Owners Paul and Byron Bin Chong Say

We watched him verbally abuse and destroy his teen daughter, Courtney, numerous times. I encountered her in the criminal justice system shortly afterward. The court asked an attorney I know to represent her — costing taxpayers. He verbally abused his son, Alika, incessantly. “You’re a f_cking loser! You’re a nobody and a__hole!” He would scream repeatedly at the troubled 15-year-old. Paul taught Alika to steal, showing him how to break into vehicles parked at Ke’e beach. This was Alika’s role model.

I worked with Paul’s mother-in-law, Darcel Koehne. She was tremendously frustrated with Paul’s treatment of Alika. She tried to fill in the gaps. Alika didn’t trust men, but respected his grandmother. She wanted to help this young man, but didn’t know what to do. As I work with troubled youth, we spent hours discussion the situation. She felt our efforts were making progress. Some of Alika’s rage and frustration seemed to be mellowing.

Darcel Koehne: an Angel on Kaua’i

Darcel met me at work about 7a. We worked until 2p-4p. She liked to spend some time swimming with her granddaughter at Lumaha’i afterwards. This was her only respite from the insanity of her life. She would tend to her family’s needs and bartend at the Nui (Tahiti Nui) until 2a. She got no rest. Darcel Koehne, a beautiful angel, died about February 25, 2015, of a heart attack while giving a property tour for Wyndham Worldwide. They didn’t stop work for her. Darcel is another a victim of Paul Bin Chong Say.

Darcel Koehne: Free at last from Paul Bin Chong Say

Late October 2014 this all changed. Paul became incessantly violent and enraged. Early in the morning or late at night, he was freaking out. He tore up our washing machine one day, claiming rats had died in the unit because his clothes smelled sour after washing. There were no rats. He had left the clothes in the bin overnight.

Paul woke me up around 3am one night. He was furiously screaming he had been robbed. He blamed Alika, who wasn’t there. Unable to sleep, I watched in sadness. About 4am Alika came around the corner. He heard his father’s rage and ran away. Paul called KPD. They responded. Paul told them Alika had broken into his unit and stole money from his safe. KPD officers drew their service weapons and searched the home. Nobody was there. The safe remained unopened and locked. Paul told them Alika had stolen his keys. The officers discovered the keys behind a desk, as if they might have fallen there.

KPD officers interviewed me. This angered Paul. He claimed I had snitched on him. The officers warned him to leave me alone. Yeah, right! Alika left a bike when he ran off. He had stolen it. I put it in my apartment and contacted KPD. We eventually got the bike back to the owners. They wanted to press charges against Paul and Alika. I was able to calm them. They took the bike and left. Thanksgiving weekend, Alika went crazy. He allegedly robbed a number of vacation homes and was arrested.

Returning stolen bike

Paul Needed Money

Paul Bin Chong Say was $12,061.19 behind in property taxes. To Paul this was like a million dollars. He had no money. He tried to rip off his incarcerated brother Byron. He and his girlfriend, Joanna Streeter, tried to coax us into a lease without the knowledge of his mother or Byron. We would pay $2,200 directly to Paul.

Taxes Due on property at 4465a Aku Road

Their mother, Barbara, collected rent for Byron. I paid Barbara. The other tenant, Ronald Wildassin, paid Paul. It was a 50/50 deal. Paul wanted 100 percent. This explains the real character of Paul. He would hurt anyone — even his brother — for money. He wouldn’t work though.

Ronald Wildassin: Mastermind of Crime

Ronald Wildassin

Ron began a campaign to get rid of me. We had agreed to seek a female occupant. With Paul’s insane behavior, women weren’t excited about living on property. This was his suggested post. We agreed there would be no illicit drugs or smoking.

Professional Female Wanted: Rent $800 & $200 Utilities

Ron urged Paul to let him run the complex. They would evict me, increase the rent, and stop payments to Barbara on Byron’s behalf. Getting rid of me was the problem. I had a legal lease. I paid timely. Legally, I could not be removed. Ron began a smear campaign against me. As my wife was on mainland, he would make up stories about me. There was nothing I could do. On October 12th, I returned home to find Ron had rented a room to a homeless man.

October 12, 2014: Ron had rented room to homeless male who smoked weed

The guy seemed nice, but I found him sitting in the carport smoking weed. He had no employment; didn’t have the 700+ FICA score Ron required. Women don’t want to live around insane men. Paul ruined that option for us. Ron was turning the complex into a flop house just as David Roger did. No professional wanted to live around Paul Bin Chong Say.

Belongings of proposed roommate who was elderly, homeless man

I was able to record Ron surreptitiously. He would speak nicely around other people. Alone, he was verbally abusive, crude and threatening. He told people my name was Jamie Goold and calls me Jamie on the recording. I ask him about a TV. Ronald Wildassin and Paul Bin Chong Say were “pirating” Cable TV. I wouldn’t allow their TV in our shared area, as I would be liable for the theft.

Ronald Wildassin wanted Illegal Cable TV in the house

I suggested we pay for the services legally, but Paul and Ron were not interested in my proposal. Ron continuously told people salacious and slanderous stories about actions he said I had allegedly done. He’s a dangerous criminal.

Game #3:
November 13, 2014 was my wife’s birthday. I returned home from work around 3:30p and called her. We missed each other and were sharing love thoughts and celebrating her birthday long distance. Paul came to my window and asked to speak with me. We ended our call and I went outside. Paul demanded money for utilities. He also wanted me to pay rent to him directly. I knew Paul well by then. I wouldn’t agree to anything with him unless the agreement was in writing. His mother and family attorney taught me this.

Paul would lie and cheat his own brother. Cheating me meant nothing to him. I had offered a fair agreement in writing. Paul refused to sign. This had gone on for a couple weeks. Now he demanded cash for utilities. I said I would pay if we signed. He refused. I was sitting down. Paul threatened me and pushed his muscled body up against me. When he was angry like this, it was totally frightening. He was an insane man!

Paul About Scott
Paul Bin Chong Say slandering me on Facebook

“Let me go!” I demanded. “I’m going to call the police.” I brushed him back and turned to go inside. Paul jumped up on the stairway and blocked my path to the door. There was only one door. I repeatedly demanded he move and let me pass. Ron appeared in the doorway. Refusing to let me pass, I pushed his arm upward and slid underneath. I grabbed the door handle and tried to open the door. Paul was wearing work boots. He jammed his boot into the door to prevent it from opening. I pulled and pulled. He had blocked it. I pushed him away, opened the door, and scurried to my room. I heard Ron tell Paul to call KPD 911. I grabbed my phone and called KPD 911.

A confused 911 dispatcher told me someone else had called. I heard Ron tell Paul he would back him up. “Say Scott assaulted you,” Ron coached Paul. “We’ll get rid of him once and for all.” They had me. Two against one. What could I do? I called AnnMarie and briefed her, “Here we go again!” She started crying, “It’s my birthday!” We had planned to spend the evening Facetiming and enjoying her birthday, while some 3,000 miles apart. We knew now this wasn’t going to happen. We knew the KPD drill. KPD would now cheat us a third time. AnnMarie remembers this day as “her worst birthday evah!”

I was being set up and there was nothing I could do to stop their conspiracy. I went to the street and waited for KPD. When the two officers arrived, I asked to speak with them. I tried to brief them about the matter. They didn’t want to talk with me. Then, I made one simple request. “Please, just interview them separately. Take their statements individually.” The officers refused. As I pointed out in Game #2:

Here’s the key: Officer Okamoto did not allow me to be present when he questioned my wife. I’ll discuss this in a moment. We didn’t object. This is standard procedure.

When it mattered to KPD, they interviewed two witnessed individually and separated. The officer’s reputation and career was on the line. Yet when a citizen was facing a possible false accusation, KPD didn’t take care to guarantee Due Process and protect the rights of one accused. They took shortcuts and the easy way. They interviewed Ron and Paul together — allowing them to “get their facts straight.” I’m sure a skilled attorney would be able to sort this out, but this costs money. The State of Hawai’i cheated our family by refusing to take the statements of these two thugs individually. How hard would that have been? We asked only to be treated as KPD treats their own.

Game #4
December 7th is a memorable day in Hawai’i history. President Roosevelt would call it “a date which will live in infamy.” This will always be true for our family. No need to go into details, I’ve done that elsewhere. Roommate Ron claimed I did threw a bowl at him and strangled him; I deny that. I wasn’t even there. I had been at the store and showed the officers my receipt. Ron was screaming when I returned. There was no physical evidence to back his claim — no marks on him; not even a broken bowl.

The primary evidence against me were the prior allegations. Wildasinn likely said, “This guy’s a bad dude. KPD arrested him on August 27th after he nearly beat to death this really nice guy. KPD nearly arrested him at Black Pot beach after he about killed a woman and her young baby. Then, right here, in November, I watched as he put property owner, Paul Bin Chong Say, in the hospital. You [KPD] arrested him again. Now, he’s doing it to me.”

Allegations led to arrest, which encouraged more allegations, which led to more arrests. They trapped me in their malicious criminal cycle. KPD was too inexperienced and poorly-trained to see through their vindictive behavior. Had KPD officers done their job competently, Cain Aaron Sergieff would have been arrested in August, not me. That would have chilled their efforts. Likely they wouldn’t have taken a chance to involve Ariel and her baby in September. Ron and Paul wouldn’t have risked making a false claim in November. But they had a winning formula, “Point your finger and KPD will do the work.” Officers Metcalfe and Cabrerra judged me guilty before even speaking with me.

I wasn’t arrested for the false claims. On video, I recorded Officer Metcalfe explaining the 48-hour Stay Away Notice. Since he had been the arresting officer in August, I remembered him. He allowed Sergieff to lie to him about living in our residence, even when I told him this was false. I researched the notice after that. Officer Metcalfe now claimed I must leave for 72 hours. He was wrong. Officer Metcalfe had been wrong about many things. I grabbed my phone and called 911. I asked for a competent officer to join us.

KPD 48-Hour Notice for 72 Hours

Officers Metcalfe and Cabrerra arrested me for “making a false 911 call.” It wasn’t. Officer Metcalfe was wrong. Nobody has ever apologized to me. They hide like stinking rats on a filthy ship. When I make a mistake, I say, “I’m sorry!” I mean it. I do my best to treat others with respect. I’m not perfect. Thus, I apologize and correct my mistake. Not KPD. They are so insecure they refuse to admit fault. The entire system operates this way. Mistake after mistake … and work to cover up failures rather than simply correct the flaw. No Hawaiian Pride at all.

Ultimately, what motive did I have to use violence against these losers?

Tortured by KPD

Due to a life of intense athletics, I’ve been forced to undergo a number of challenging surgeries and long rehab periods. I was recovering in the later half of 2014.

Right Full Hip Replacement and BiLateral Quad Tendon Rupture

When Officer Cabrerra guided me to the KPD patrol car, he was not aware of my physical limitations. I’m 6’5″ and the vehicle is low to the ground. The reinforced door and frame of the car reduced the size of the opening. With my hands cuffed behind my back, negotiating the tight entrance was difficult. The officer grabbed me and shoved me into the opening. My legs weren’t strong enough at that angle to control my descent. I landed awkwardly on the hard plastic seat and hit my right hip on the internal steel parts. Immense pain shot through my body. Likely I smashed a nerve. My eyes teared. I couldn’t see. I was biting my lip to suppress the pain. I told them I couldn’t get in. They demanded I move. I jumped slightly off the seat to slide and the pain exploded again. I felt really warm. I clinched my eyes tightly to manage the pain and remember seeing flashing spots or lights. Looking back, I believe I lost consciousness.

Then, I was on my back in the patrol car. The officers threw me in like a sack of potatoes, I guess. My right hip was on fire and I couldn’t roll to the right. Due to the seat back, I couldn’t roll to the left. They transported me to the booking facility on my back, no seatbelt, while laying on my arms. My hands remained cuffed behind my back the entire time. The steel restraints cut into my hands. I bounced up and down on my wrists from Hanalei to Lihu’e for about an hour. My eyes were full of tears.

At the facility, Officer Metcalfe opened the driver’s rear door and demanded I get up and out of the vehicle. Do that. Cuff yourself, lay on your back with arms underneath your body, and try do what he asked. It’s not possible. He became angry. He went to the other door. He grabbed me by the shoulders and yanked me from the vehicle. My swollen, sore and bound wrists shredded across the uneven, hard plastic seat. I screamed in pain as my face hit the pavement. A group of officers lifted me up. I couldn’t stand. I was broken. “KPD, you win!!!” I couldn’t take the torture. “Do whatever you want with me!” They took me to the hospital for an x-ray on my hip.

When I got my one phone call, I told my wife not to secure bail. I was in too much pain. I didn’t have anyone to assist me and was not allowed to stay in my home. I told her to leave me there. I wanted to die. I had no more fight in me. Paul Bin Chong Say, you win! Ronald Wildassin, you win! KPD, you win! I’m not Superman. I don’t have super powers. I’m just one guy — just one human being. I can’t stand up to criminals when KPD is incompetent and public officials don’t care. I was broken.

Nothing mattered after this. Do what you want. Penalize me as you will. The State of Hawai’i arrested me falsely, accused me falsely, beat and tortured me. The State of Hawai’i wanted to convict me for harassing thugs and criminals. Fine! Do what you want. Label me what you want. Tell the world what a terrible person I am.

You can do what you want … but I refuse to pay any more for your corruption and incompetence. Steal our $10. Government is the problem in America today.


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