Liberal Democratic Women are Weak

Democrats historically have considered themselves to be the liberal standard bearers in our nation. Liberal — meaning open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. They frequently express they are “more tolerant and peaceful” than their more conservative political counterparts. They are not. Today, liberal Democrats are weak and easily offended. This is not how I was raised as a liberal.

Liberal Tolerance

Urban Dictionary points out the hypocrisy in the liberal wing’s claim they are morally superior because they are tolerant of everyone. In actuality, many modern liberals are anything but tolerant of others, especially if the person has:

“opposing views or happens to be a White Male (straight or gay). They also resort to personal attacks, slander, death threats, and even violence.”

A study conducted by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute and published in Fortune examined the trend of “unfriending” people on social media. They discovered the “impulse to block varies widely based on gender and political leanings.” Some 13 percent of Americans reported blocking or unfriending a “friend” on social media because of their political postings.

For my comments regarding undocumented workers and “illegal immigration,” I was blocked by a number of liberal Californians. I believe America “cheats” these struggling people. They do the work we do not want to do and Americans pay them unfairly. Ernesto Ascencio Gomez didn’t simply disagree; he was horribly foul in his response.


Ernesto Ascencio Gomez said about my political opinion, “Lmfaooooo hahahaha your White fragility is rampant and out of control. You continue attempting to be relevant and continue proving you’re useless and worthless. I said it once and I’ll say it again — your worth is zero and your contribution to life is zero. You’re a racist sexist misogynist insecure pig. You’re White savior complex is ridiculous because you continue attempting to shame women of color.” Ernesto teaches this to his boy.

Ernesto teaches his young son to hate White people

And, who are the least tolerant people in America today? Liberal, Democratic women.


Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans (24% vs. 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election. My Facebook friend, Matthew Attebarry, posted the link to this study and asked readers, “Who is more likely to unfriend you over politics?” As a life-long Democrat, who left the party last year due to the manner Hillary and the DNC treated Bernie, I answered:

Liberals used to be proud of their tolerance. Today, liberals are insecure. Say one thing they don’t like, “UNFRIEND!!!” Strong people can tolerate different opinions. Liberals have become weak and get offended at anything or anyone that is different from them. This is very weak behavior.


Frank Savage responded to my comment:

“No, we just unfriend wanna be, know-it-all, assholes that make insulting negative generalizations when they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.”

Frank is a liberal Facebook Warrior, who studied Business Management at CalState University at Long Beach. He went to Huntington Beach High and currently lives in Paradise, CA. He opposes President Trump, the NRA, current government borrowing, and fights the “stupidity of Trumpcare” and more. I respect his right to express his political views, but responded, “Tolerance also means NOT judging others.”

Report Trump Supporters for Harassment

Another Facebook friend, Tammy Rose Wronski, posted a harsh photo collage and wrote:

No Trump if your for Trump and I do check porfile I will deny and report you for Harrasment because I said no trump it mean you are not welcome here and have no business asking to be on my friend list
Red flags are NRA certain TV show where you live and too Much Jesus and I know all the Hate groups that are Christain bigots too And key words like Family Values is another hidden word for Jesus bigots too and Tea Party and Republican support
so I do check and I will not accept you so if you as you will be reported it is my page and it not for you to ruin it or distrube use Sane people

Liberal Democratic Tolerance?

I responded to her post: “I am guilty of THINKING. Sometimes I dislike Trump; other times I like him. Sometimes I disliked Obama; other times I liked him. I am this way with all politicians. I have a brain. I don’t simply follow a D or an R. If you need to unfriend me, please do so. I only want to connect with people who think and reason.”

A former Facebook friend, Julie Hanselman, blocked me and reported me to Facebook for writing an article about her. We are similarly aligned about reducing gun violence in America. While I respect her position to “take away guns,” I do not join her and other liberals on this proposed prohibition. I instead advocate to Change The Will To Kill. Julie had requested to join our movement.

After the Parkland, FL shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she nastily condemned the cowardice of police officers who allegedly failed to engage. I found her anger toward police and demands to remove all guns from society to be hypocritical, as she had posted a video of herself teaching her young son to shoot a weapon at humans. Facebook put me “in jail” for 30-days for my post. I had spoken civilly about her, copied only her words, and three screenshots from a video she publicly posted in the Facebook Newsfeed. Why was she angry with me?

Julie wants to take away guns, but teaches her son to play with weapons

I am concerned about the growth of “filter bubbles” in America where people live in ideological cocoons that shut out discordant viewpoints. As a society, we are polarizing. There are two distinct Americas today. Others support my concerns, as the existence of filter bubbles increase political partisanship and voters become less exposed to those who don’t share their opinions.

Have the courage to listen to and respect the opinions of others. America started as a liberal nation. We were strong to stand up to an oppressive King George. We were fierce in our demand to end the enslavement of Black Americans. We battled to give women the vote, end Jim Crow, and push back NAZI aggression in the world.

Liberal Democratic women … you need to toughen up. Your children must become “offense bulletproof” rather than “bubble babies.” Our society needs to move past the victimization attitude and once again believe We Can. I am an AmeriCAN progressive. Do you have the courage to walk side-by-side with millions like me?

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