420 Special: Kokua for Kauai

Last fall, around September 20th, Hurricane Maria knocked out power to most of Puerto Rico when it struck as a Category 4 storm. The mayor of Puerto Rico's largest city took her concerns to the media. "We are dying, and you are killing us with inefficiency and the bureaucracy," reported San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. … Continue reading 420 Special: Kokua for Kauai


Dress Like a Bum and Be Treated Like a Bum

Most Americans are WOKE to the incident involving two Black men at an inner city Starbucks in Philadelphia. I've written previously how the Left lives to expose examples of alleged Institutional Racism, which allows them to continue their divisive and incriminating narrative about White Privilege in America. Living in Hawai'i with our beach culture, businesses … Continue reading Dress Like a Bum and Be Treated Like a Bum

New Mexico is a Sh^thole Place for Teachers, Students and Families

Equal Pay Day occurred this week — on April 10th. This day was created to draw attention to the gender wage gap. It's not a random date — it symbolizes how long women must work into 2018 to make the same amount men made in 2017. Women’s median annual earnings remain about 20 percent below … Continue reading New Mexico is a Sh^thole Place for Teachers, Students and Families

Generation of Mental 2nd Graders

Late-night comedian, Jimmy Kimmel, used a second-grader to explain America's trade deficit to his Left-leaning audience. HuffPost writer, Lee Moran, claims the young lady's video is an "education for both POTUS and anyone else who may be bewildered by trade terminology." Kimmel's approach makes sense when looking deeper into this audience. YouGov, a British market research … Continue reading Generation of Mental 2nd Graders

Civil War over the United States of America Border

In his annual letter to JPMorgan Chase shareholders, Jamie Dimon, Wall Street's longest-serving CEO, said, "We need to resolve immigration — it is tearing apart our body politic and damaging our economy." Dimon believes immigration reform is "important both morally and economically." I previously pointed out moral and economic failures in our current immigration policy, as well … Continue reading Civil War over the United States of America Border

Girls Commit Suicide. Who Cares About Boys?

Each day I read another article about the growing challenges for girls, teen females and women in America. In the August 4, 2017 edition of TIME Health, Rachel Lewis wrote, "The suicide rate among teen girls reached a 40-year high in 2015, according to new analysis from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention." Researchers found … Continue reading Girls Commit Suicide. Who Cares About Boys?

Free-Range Kids Rule the School

President Roosevelt famously said, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." To me, it seems fear is rampant in America. Parents are afraid to let their kids play outside. They lock them indoors, feed them a diet of video games and sugary snacks, and America's children are now fat and incapable of dealing with life. … Continue reading Free-Range Kids Rule the School