The Brilliance of Sally Kohn

On April 10th, Sally Kohn submitted an article to Huffington Post titled, "Stop Hating Trump Voters." Ms. Kohn is a former contributor to Fox News and is considered a liberal political commentator. She also serves as a community organizer and CEO of the Movement Vision Lab, which is a grassroots think tank focusing on progressive ideas and … Continue reading The Brilliance of Sally Kohn


Women’s Basketball Sucks

Huffington Post columnist, Jessica Luther, who is a freelance journalist, author and co-host of the feminist sports podcast, Burn It All Down, wants more women's basketball coverage. She believes increased promotion will lead to greater popularity. Ms. Luther, you could feature women's basketball daily and I still wouldn't watch. Women's basketball sucks! I'm a lifelong … Continue reading Women’s Basketball Sucks

Shot in the Back Seven Times

UPDATE: 4.4.18: I've listened to a number of Black protestors who talked about the "great guy" and "decent family man" Stephon Clark was. Nobody has explained why he was running through backyards. Was he breaking in homes? Faith Linthicum, a California nurse, was fired from her job after suggesting Stephon Clark deserved to be killed by … Continue reading Shot in the Back Seven Times

The War Against Boys

Yesterday, I pointed out the gender bias in reports about teen suicide. These are tragic occurrences and represent collective failures of our society. No child, boy or girl, should suffer conditions that lead them to take their own life. Adults and leaders have an obligation to create a better world for all our children. I … Continue reading The War Against Boys

Girls Commit Suicide. Who Cares About Boys?

Each day I read another article about the growing challenges for girls, teen females and women in America. In the August 4, 2017 edition of TIME Health, Rachel Lewis wrote, "The suicide rate among teen girls reached a 40-year high in 2015, according to new analysis from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention." Researchers found … Continue reading Girls Commit Suicide. Who Cares About Boys?

Free-Range Kids Rule the School

President Roosevelt famously said, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself." To me, it seems fear is rampant in America. Parents are afraid to let their kids play outside. They lock them indoors, feed them a diet of video games and sugary snacks, and America's children are now fat and incapable of dealing with life. … Continue reading Free-Range Kids Rule the School

Understanding Facebook and Psychographics

UPDATE 4.5.18: I originally reported Facebook provided Russian American professor Aleksandr Kogan with data on 57 million friendships between 2013 and 2015. Facebook now claims Kogan and Cambridge Analytica gained access to data from as many as 87 million Facebook users. Most people are aware something bad happened with Facebook last week. Today, Sunday, March 25th, Facebook took … Continue reading Understanding Facebook and Psychographics