Vladimir Putin and Election 2016

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! is the title of a 1966 comedy featuring Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint and Alan Arkin. Billed as, "It's a Plot ... to make the world die laughing." The Cold War between the U.S. and Russia has triggered irrational imagination and insane propaganda across America for decades. Historians … Continue reading Vladimir Putin and Election 2016


Keep Your Blood Money

Rich Novelli, General Manager Jim Gay, Regional Manager Michele Lewis, Assistant General Manager New Mexico Sports & Wellness Highpoint 4300 Landau NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 KEEP YOUR BLOOD MONEY July 21, 2018 Dear Mr. Novelli, In your letter I received on Tuesday, May 15th, you stated, “Your multiple instances of confrontational behavior, demeaning verbal comments … Continue reading Keep Your Blood Money

John Sullivan Hightower Esq is an Unethical Cocksucker

Yes, you read that correctly. John Sullivan Hightower, Esq. of the legal firm Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley in Roswell, is an unethical cocksucker. He clearly violated New Mexico Rule 16-701 by making "misleading communication" about his services. Second complaint forwarded to: The Disciplinary Board 20 First Plaza NW, Suite 710 Albuquerque, NM 87102 Cc: … Continue reading John Sullivan Hightower Esq is an Unethical Cocksucker

But you’re such a nice, popular guy!

Either there is an epidemic of bullying in America or people with video cameras are more effectively capturing hateful behavior. UPDATE 7.10.18: Yesterday I stated the "latest shameful outburst" was a White woman from Georgia. It's a new day and another White woman disgraces America! #SubwaySandra, a White female employee with the Subway store in … Continue reading But you’re such a nice, popular guy!

Families belong together. Take the Open Door challenge

HuffPost writer Juan Escalante claims Diane Guerrero is the Immigrant Advocate young people need right now. Probably because she's a selfish, Me, Me, Me bitch! Her parents snuck into America illegally. She disowned them. About ten years ago when Diane was 14 years of age, her parents were deported from the U.S. and returned to … Continue reading Families belong together. Take the Open Door challenge

This 4th of July stop being an asshole

As a nation, as individuals, we have demonstrated our character for some 242 years. Americans are assholes. We have been assholes for so long we don't even recognize our bad behavior. I wrote about the growing trend of uncivil behavior by women who call the police on others over minor concerns. We must demand these … Continue reading This 4th of July stop being an asshole

#NoNamasteMichele Lewis is going to hell

It happened again. Another failed human being called police on someone over a minor concern. HuffPost featured a sad story about a 12-year-old boy who started his own summer lawn-mowing business and uncivil neighbors called the cops on him for working hard. Wellbridge corporation, Highpoint Sports & Wellness assistant manager, Michele Lewis, called Emergency 911 on … Continue reading #NoNamasteMichele Lewis is going to hell