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The CORRUPT Thin Blue Line

To: Bill Buley, Editor-in-Chief, The Garden Island Bernard Carvalho, Kaua’i County Mayor Darryl Perry, KPD Chief Lt. James Miller, KPD Internal Affairs About a year ago, I emailed a series of warnings to KPD and Kaua’i County leaders. I had … Continue reading

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Kaua’i Chief of Police Darryl Perry Fails American Dream

Today, we honor and recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the path he forged for all people around the world. His most noted speech, “I Have a Dream,” is topical today as millions of citizens perceive the promise of America to be slipping away. I document here how the corrupt and incompetent leadership of Kauai’s police chief, Darryl Perry, destroys the promise of America. Continue reading

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