My Conversation with Sally Kohn

On January 9th I received an automated email blast from Sally Kohn. Ms. Kohn claims to be "one of the leading progressive voices in America today."  She is currently a CNN political commentator and columnist, who worked previously as a contributor for Fox News. Her blast urged me, "Don't forget you can be one of the … Continue reading My Conversation with Sally Kohn


Drug Deaths at U.S. Workplaces Explode

Writing in Wall Street Journal, Harriet Torry alerts us that the number of U.S. deaths at work from unintentional drug and alcohol overdoses jumped more than 30% in 2016. America's struggle with the deadly opioid epidemic is now common to the workplace. Torry highlights the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries … Continue reading Drug Deaths at U.S. Workplaces Explode